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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Kathy Roe. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Kathy for the past 19 years in my positions as a teacher, associate principal, and principal of Mukwonago High School.

I want to assure you that Kathy Roe has always acted in a safe and responsible manner. As the school district's safety coordinator and driver education instructor, she has worked tirelessly to maintain student and staff safety. Countless students have benefitted from her instruction in the classroom and behind the wheel of the driver education car.

My greatest compliment to Kathy Roe would be the following: I truly hope that she will be providing driver education and behind-the-wheel instruction when my own daughter reaches the age of 16. There is no one I would entrust her safety to before Kathy Roe. Please contact me with any questions about her safety record.


- Shawn McNulty

I have known Kathy Roe since she was employed in the Mukwonago School District in 1980. In all of her actions in the school district, she has been an advocate for students and has proven herself to be a very responsible individual. She has served as our Driver’s Education teacher for all of these years. Mrs. Roe has my highest recommendation. She has recently retired from the School District and we are very appreciative of the service she provided to our students over her many years of teaching, both in and outside the classroom.

- Paul A. Strobel
Superintendent of MASD 1982-2013

Most definitely the best teacher I've ever had, I use what she has taught me every single day, she makes the class enjoyable, and she really makes it clear how safe you need to be while driving. I would have never picked anyone else to teach me how to drive. Mrs. Roe was surely missed when she left Mukwonago High School, but now she is back!

- Marcus Scaffidi

Greatest Instructor Ever. I had the privilege of having Kathy Roe as my instructor for Driver's Education. The very first class began with a statement: "This is THE most important class you will take the whole time you're in High School" When the students asked why, she simply said "Because it's the only class that you will ALL use, on a daily basis, for the rest of your lives." I'm pleased to say that, nearly 25 years later, she was absolutely right.she simply said, "Because it's the only class that you will ALL use, on a daily basis, for the rest of your lives." I'm pleased to say that, nearly 25 years later, she was absolutely right.”Because it’s the only class that you will ALL use, on a daily basis, for the rest of your lives.” I’m pleased to say that, nearly 25 years later, she was absolutely right. ...

- Chris Chaney

Such a great teacher! Even five years later, I am quoting Driver's Ed facts from Mrs. Roe. She does the impossible when she keeps her driving classes interesting and up-to-date. I would recommend signing up your kids up for Roe's Premier Driving Academy as soon as possible!

- Ashley Phillips

Great teacher who knows everything there is to road safety. Great instructor to have and cannot be beat! Great attention to detail and awesome teaching method.

- Cody Mitchell

Without a doubt I would definitely recommend her. I had her in high school for driver ed she made class fun and she knows her stuff.

- Ellen Hamiel

I have an impeccable driving record. More people in the roadstoday, should've learned from K. Roe!! She's not only an incredible instructor, she's an amazing person and friend!!

- Jenny Adamski Burja

Caring and compassionate

- Jodi Wolf

Hands down, without a doubt, you would be a fool to go anywhere else but Roe's Premier Driving Academy! Mrs. Roe is one of the most knowledgeable and well renowned driving instructors I have ever met. The utmost passion and dedication that ...See More

- Brielle Bartes

I had Mrs Roe in high school as a driving instructor and never had a dull moment! Always kept it interesting and entertaining!

- Jordan Semrow

Ms. Roe is not only an awesome teacher but one of the most kind people ever.

- Lancelot Castle

I am very thankful that I was born and raised and learned how to drive in Wisconsin! On my way to work today I had a truck slide and spin out in front of me! Due to being taught to take is slow and leave room I avoided the truck! I guess some of what KathleenSpanton Roe taught me stuck! Thank you! — feeling happy.

- Kathy Seidel Warner

Recommended. Much experience, had her in 1986

- Laura Drutowski

Mrs. Roe was the best teacher in High School to have had. I recommend you to have her teach you also.

- Wendy Schamens

I had Mrs. Roe as a teacher for Driver's Ed alooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She made things fun but knew how to switch gears and get me to really focus during the serious times. I feel at ease driving with my young daughter in the car knowing I was taught by the best. I hope Mrs. Roe is still teaching when my daughter is old enough to learn to drive. Even though I live in Florida I will find a way to have her teach my daughter. I know I would sleep better at night knowing she learned from Mrs. Roe.

- Paul Meunier

By far the most carring, loving, intelligent, fair and fun teacher Mukwonago had and will ever have!

- Nick Reed

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